Monday thru Thursday party’s of 8 or more by

appointment only!

 Please call ahead, Kim: 772-643-5498

Check out facebook for more information on dates!


 Military, Police, Fire Fighters: Free


 HPA: $5 all day

Paint Prices

 Battlefield Orlando is field paint only, no off-field paint is allowed at our facility.

 A case contains 2000 paintballs. A bag contains 500 paintballs.
Mid Grade - $50 per Case / $15.00 per Bag)
Premium - $60 per Case / $18.00 per Bag)

Rental Packages

 Rental package without paintballs_$25.00

 Rental package with paintballs_$35.00

 Group package for 10 or more players_$25.00 per person includes gear, admission and 500 paintballs per person.

 Private groups for 10 or more_$30.00 per person includes gear, admission, 500 painballs each and staff assigned exclusively to your group. Requires a $50.00 deposit and are held from 10am to 1pm or 2pm to 5pm.