In addition to the following field rules, all participants are required to be at least 10 years of age or older, wear close toed shoes, and No Alcoholic Beverages are permitted on the premises.

1. Masks on at ALL times – First and foremost, as soon as you cross the first corner entering the chrono station, your mask goes on and does not come off until you cross back over the same area. This is a zero tolerance policy and there are no exceptions. We don’t care if you are on fire—if you’re on the field, your mask is on your face.

2. Barrel Covers on when not playing or chronoing – The only two times you are allowed to remove your barrel cover is during a game and while your marker is pointed down range at the chrono station. This is for the safety of those around you. We know no one would purposely fire a paintball in the staging area, but accidents happen.
Note: Barrel Covers are required at the Paintball Park. Plugs are not deemed adequate barrel blocking devices.

3. All Referee Calls Are Final – Arguing with referees and going to other field staff will not change a call a referee has made. Should you have a question or comment about a call a referee made during a game, approach them afterwards and they will gladly talk about it or explain why they made the call they made.

4. 10’ Proximity/No Shoot Rule – No Shooting at any persons closer then 10 feet. In the case that you are able to get closer then 10 feet tell the opposing player “Take the hit” “Surrender” “Bang” whichever you choose. Any distance less than 10 feet they are out and do not have a choice in the matter. If more then 10 feet away, you have the option to attempt to surrender then, but they are not forced to take it, but be courteous if they managed to get the drop on you and didn’t just shoot you it is suggested you take it, but should you offer the option and someone attempts to turn on you, in either situation, they do so at their own risk.

5. Bunker Tapping – In the case you are unable to mark a player for whatever reason, you have the option to run up and tap the bunker they are in, should you attempt this you do so at your own risk, but should you successfully run up and touch the bunker the opposing player is in, every player in the bunker is eliminated immediately. This rule can cause complicated situations these will be dealt with in a case by case basis and in most cases the aggressor will win.

6. Dead players do not talk - If you are eliminated you may not share information with any live player. If you share information with live players, any live player within earshot on your team will be declared eliminated from the game.

7. Swearing and/or aggressive behavior - Keep it clean, this is a family-friendly facility. Swearing may eject you from one or more games. Aggressive behavior may result in arrest.

8. Eliminated players - A hit anywhere on a player’s person or gear resulting in a splat that is a quarter-size or bigger eliminates that player. When eliminated point your gun in the air and declare you are eliminated (eg: “I’m hit! I’m hit! Dead player, coming out!”). Walk out with your barrel cover on and your marker in the air.

9. Markers - Paintball markers may fire no faster than 280 feet per second and no faster than 15 rounds per second. No automatic firing modes are permitted (includes 2+ round burst modes, certain ramping modes).

Finally other rules may be implemented depending on specific situations to maintain safety for all players and people.

Rules and Safety

Here is a waiver you can print and fill out prior to arriving at the park. This will save time and get you out on the field a lot faster. Thank you

PDF waiver, click here.

To see a full explanation of the rules regarding general scenario rules of play,

click here.